For less than 70¢ per day, you help implement solutions that ensure children have the education and resources needed to make their lives successful and meaningful. You will help train and improve the well-being of your sponsored child, empowering her/him to build a better world for generations to come.

Where your money goes

To purchase books and all educational materials, school uniform and sweater, a nutritious snack every day, plus a portion of the general expenses, such as teachers’ salaries, utilities, transport and maintenance costs.

Total sponsorship request

For 1 child for 1 year: US$240.

If you would like to commit to sponsorship we would ask you to make a minimum payment of $20 per calendar month.

To sponsor a child:

  • pressing 'sponsor now' will take you to the FPMT donation form where the actual recurring donation can be set up

  • select 'Make this a monthly gift', input your giving amount, 'Billing Address' and 'Payment Details' before clicking the 'Support' button.

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