Root Institute provides an ideal location for individuals and groups doing private retreat, wishing to attend one of our courses, or simply looking for a peaceful place to stay during a visit to Bodhgaya.

We have a range of accommodation available throughout the year but, please note, single rooms with private bathroom are the most popular and may not always be available.

  • Retreat house with private or common bathroom
  • Single room with private or common bathroom
  • Double room (two single beds) with private or common bathroom
  • Triple (three single beds) with private bathroom
  • Dormitory (3-11 beds) with common bathroom.

Please read all our pages about being here before writing to book your stay. It will really smooth your way.

Room features

Each room is furnished with single beds, mosquito nets, a small cupboard and a desk. We supply basic bedding of a pillow, pillow case, sheets and blanket. It is recommended that winter travellers bring an additional sleeping bag to ward off especially cold nights as we do not have enough blankets to provide two per person.


Our kitchen offers three healthy vegetarian meals a day, but please be aware that we do not have the facilities to cater for special diets. It is likely that nuts, dairy, spices and wheat will be used with each meal.

Supplementary goods are typically not available in Bodhgaya, so if you subscribe to a special diet excluding foods such as nuts, dairy, spice, wheat and so forth you may wish to bring supplements from home. Please remember that due to the number of students residing at Root Institute it is not possible to keep refrigerated items for you.

We try our very best to provide our guests and students with wholesome and delicious meals every day. Please don't put us in the position of saying no to special dietary requests.

For those who will take the Eight Mahayana Precepts, our meals never contain the 'black foods' meat, fish, onions or garlic, so they are generally 'precept safe'. Occasional dishes may contain the 'black foods' eggs or, rarely, radishes, but these will be labelled and not the main dish so can easily be avoided.

Filtered water is available in our dining hall 24/7 while fresh urns of chai and hot water are available every morning and afternoon.

Extensive Dharma library

Root Institute's library contains books on:

  • Sutras (discourses of the Buddha)
  • Texts by Indian pandits
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Zen and Chinese Buddhist tradition
  • Theravada Buddhism
  • Buddhist biographies (including the life of the Buddha)
  • Pilgrimage
  • Vinaya / monasticism
  • Buddhism & other religions and disciplines (science, environment, psychology, sociology)
  • Buddhist texts in French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Tibetan, Chinese, Dutch, Italian and others
  • Dictionaries

Books can only be borrowed by guests staying at Root Institute. Anyone not staying at Root Institute is welcome to read in the library during opening hours.

Other centres facilities

We have two meditations halls available for personal practice 24 hours a day, along with:

  • a video room with viewing equipment and a collection of Dharma DVDs
  • yoga mats to borrow and spacious areas for yoga practice.

Especially for retreatants

  • Students wishing to undertake personal retreat can take advantage of our meditation cushions, water bowls, incense burners, and other retreat supplies.
  • Regular tsog purchases can also be arranged and delivered for those who are in strict retreat.
  • For those who require it, fire pujas can be requested and led by monks from Namgyal monastery.

To learn more about our facilities for individual or group retreat and, if you wish, book your retreat: Bodhgaya's blessings > Retreat – at Stupa Garden of Compassion.


Our Shakyamuni Buddha Clinic offers quality health care to students and guest. Our clinic has been offering western medicine and ayurvedic medicine for over twenty years and has developed an excellent reputation throughout Bodhgaya. Common illnesses and infections can be treated six days a week (excluding Sunday). For more details, please refer to the clinic contact page.