Festival of Lights & Merit

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Lhabab Düchen – Lord Buddha's Descent from Heaven of the Thirty-Three
Friday, 22. November 2024

Lhabab duchen
Lhabab Düchen commemorates the return of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha to Earth from the God Realm of the Thirty-Three after imparting teachings on Dharma to the gods, including his mother, Mayadevi. She had passed away a week after Buddha's birth and was reborn there.

This is a particularly auspicious day to engage in meritorious activities as the effects of any actions performed multiply by 100 million times.

During four important times each year, according to the Tibetan calendar, Root Institute for Wisdom Culture organises a celebration of the most significant events in Lord Shakyamuni Buddha's life, which we call our Festival of Lights & Merit.

On Lhabab Düchen, we will be offering lights, flowers, and prayer flags at the Mahabodhi Stupa in Bodhgaya, as well as sponsoring a puja at the Tibetan Monastery in Bodhgaya.

We extend a warm invitation for you to participate in these offerings in person or to sponsor the offerings of lights, flowers, prayer flags, and pujas for this special day. The names of our sponsors will be acknowledged in the evening at the Bodhi Tree.


General information about the spiritual programme

The span of our spiritual programme is approximately six months – the last few months of one year and the early months of the next – during the cooler season in Bodhgaya.

On the appropriate dates in the Tibetan calendar year-round, however, we observe the standard pujas of the Gelug tradition and these are drop-in sessions which anyone can attend. If you are in Bodhgaya and would like to come along, please feel welcome to join us for:

  • Tara Puja
  • Medicine Buddha Puja
  • Guru Puja with Tsog
  • Protector Puja.

Unless otherwise indicated, registration is required for all events except:

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