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Questions and Answers II – with Ven. Tenzin Gache
Saturday, 4. September 2021
Online via Zoom and YouTube live:
Saturday, 7-8:30pm
Indian Standard Time (GMT+5.5)

We will have a second question and answer session with Ven. Gache, specifically targetted to students of Arya Nagarjuna's texts covered by Root Institute courses. We will first cover the questions relating to Arya Nagarjuna's texts and then if there is time, we can look at any other questions of the students. The courses done and the YouTube playlist links are: 

Dispelling Disputes: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqBPgpB4_xb33IDjy7PSYrjM3o4kcN4IO
Seventy Stanzas: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqBPgpB4_xb2mGQkRezvYLRhBElAL3aJ3
Sixty Stanzas (not a very good recording): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqBPgpB4_xb2IasY4On0jah9mfydCY_WE

The slide sets and translation of texts are available on request (send an email to: )

If you have questions that you would like to ask, do email, 

Please register here. You are automatically registered if you joined the first Q&A session or the course on Arya Nagarjuna's 'Dispelling Disputes': Defending Emptiness.

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About the Teacher, Venerable Tenzin Gache:

Venerable Tenzin Gache grew up in the Boston area. After graduating college, he travelled to India, and received ordination from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2006. Later that year he travelled south to Sera Jey Monastery, near Mysore, India, joining the house group of his teacher, Choden Rinpoche.

Since then he has lived, studied, and practised at Sera. Currently he is 14 years through the 19-year Geshe (Doctorate of Buddhist Philosophy) study program at Sera Je Monastery in Bylakuppe, India. For the past two years, while stuck in lockdown in Nepal and India, Ven. Gache has been engaged in an exhaustive study of Nagarjuna's works.

Having grown up in a Western context, he is especially interested in understanding how ancient Buddhist wisdom can be made accessible to educated, thoughtful people in the modern world without diluting the profundity of the Buddha's message.

General information about the spiritual programme

The span of our spiritual programme is approximately six months – the last few months of one year and the early months of the next – during the cooler season in Bodhgaya.

On the appropriate dates in the Tibetan calendar year-round, however, we observe the standard pujas of the Gelug tradition and these are drop-in sessions which anyone can attend. If you are in Bodhgaya and would like to come along, please feel welcome to join us for:

  • Tara Puja
  • Medicine Buddha Puja
  • Guru Puja with Tsog
  • Protector Puja.

Unless otherwise indicated, registration is required for all events except:

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