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Guru Puja with Tsog
Wednesday, 4. March 2020
Location : Main Gompa
Lama Chöpa Merit Field
Lama Chöpa Merit Field (photo: Bob Cayton)

Guru puja with tsog is held on the 10th and 25th days of the Tibetan lunar month and at Root Institute, following the Gelug tradition, is observed through the liturgy of Lama Chöpa.

Offerings are made to the merit field of root and lineage gurus, yidam deities and Dharma protectors and, once blessed, distributed.

Sponsorship and dedication of this highly beneficial practice can be made for:

  • the success of projects

  • the recovery from illness of friends or relations, and

  • the blessing of the recently departed.

The timing is flexible. Please call the office on the day to check the start time:
+91 631 2200 714

This is a practice of Highest Yoga Tantra but everyone is welcome!