Chokor Duchen Offerings

Update 24 July 2020
This year we are offering butter lamps in the butter lamp house at the Mahabodhi stupa. Due to lockdown restrictions in Bihar we were not permitted to do the electrical light offerings. The butter lamps will be offered by the Namgyel monastery’s temple staff. There will be ten thousand butter lamp offerings.


Update 20 July 2020

We would like to extend our gratitude to many of you who have donated for the extensive offerings for the Wheel Turning Day this 24 July. Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of coronavirus in Bihar the State Government issued on 14 July, 2020 total lockdown from 16 to 30 July, 2020. The Wheel Turning Day falls in this lockdown period. Therefore, many of the offerings including prayer flags and extensive flower offerings have been prohibited and therefore will not be possible on this special day.
As soon as the restrictions have been lifted we will choose the next auspicious day and make these offerings as intended.
The light offerings and robe offerings are still going ahead as the Temple Staff themselves are kindly assisting with this offering. If there is any change in this we will make the light offering and robe offerings on the soonest possible auspicious day.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding given these changing conditions. We continue to offer our gratitude and prayers and will make the physical offerings as soon as possible.

The three pujas – Guru puja, Tara Puja and Protector pujas at the Tibetan Temple will go ahead as scheduled.