White lotusThe power of making offerings

Even just making one sound, or a cymbal offering
Even just offering one single flower
To the form of one who has gone to bliss (buddha) on a stone wall,
Even if they make the offering with an angry attitude
Those living beings will gradually see ten million buddhas.

White Lotus Sutra (learn more)


Bodhgaya's significance and the Mahabodhi Stupa

It is said that the merit created from any virtuous activity in Bodhgaya is multiplied eight times due to the blessings that have arisen from all the holy activities accomplished here by numerous holy beings. To fully explain this, we have a page on why Bodhgaya is so significant.

On this basis, Root Institute supports students, centres and projects who wish to sponsor specific activities or offerings throughout the year. This includes pujas, prayers, sutra recitations and material offerings such as water, flowers, fruit, lights, robes to the statue of Lord Buddha, and so forth.


Festival of Light and Merit

Festival of Light and Merit (FLAM) offerings

Our Festival of Lights and Merit is held four times a year according to the Tibetan calendar and provides an opportunity to purify obstacles and accumulate great merit during a time when every action is multiplied a further 100,000 times.

Offerings of thousands of lights are made during these four celebrations at the Mahabodhi Stupa, along with offering prayer flags and special pujas at Root Institute.


Sponsoring pujas

We also perform the following pujas according to the Tibetan Calendar, as drop-in sessions which anyone can attend:

  • Tara puja
  • Medicine Buddha puja
  • Guru puja with tsog
  • Protector puja

You are welcome to sponsor and provide your dedications through the Root Institute donation form on the FPMT website. Once you have made a donation, please contact us to confirm the details. Your dedications will be made with sincere effort.

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