Social service as part of our mission

To fulfil the vision of our spiritual guides there is a social service component to our mission:

  • to provide compassionate service especially to impoverished children, adolescents and adults in neighbouring areas.

Our programme of social service projects began in 1991 when a destitute man was found lying in the road close to death. Caring for that man led to the development of our clinic. In the ensuring years, our school and other projects such as animal liberation were established, nurtured and developed.

Our projects

  • Maitreya School – a primary school providing free education for local children

  • Shakyamuni Buddha Clinic – a free hospital serving impoverished, local people via a variety of medical systems

How you can get involved

Visit each of the project pages listed above to find out more and, if you feel inspired by our work, you may wish to:

  • subscribe to an email newsletters list to keep in touch
    (project pages have their own right-hand sidebar, with a "Subscribe" button for their own newsletter)

  • make a one-off donation or set up a monthly-recurring donation to one or more of the projects

  • if you are coming to stay at Root Institute, contact the project manager to arrange a visit and see our work first-hand

  • if you have relevant skills and availability for a minimum of three months, offer your services as a volunteer.

Get involved




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