birds eye view of Root InstituteWhen you offer a general donation to Root Institute, it is used towards items where there is the greatest need & urgency:

  • supporting our local Indian staff & their families

  • building and maintaining our on-premise holy objects

  • upkeep of our accommodations, facilities and grounds

  • supporting the sangha

  • caring for our liberated animals who live with us

  • supplementing support for our social service projects, as needed.

The donation process

Root Institute relies on the FPMT website to receive online donations, as they have a secure payment gateway in place.

Here is the process:

  • pressing our 'Donate now' button will take you to the FPMT donation form where your actual donation can be made

  • select your giving amount, then choose the fund you wish to support – Root Institute in general, or one of our projects

  • if you wish to make regular monthly donations, select the 'Make this a monthly gift' box

  • input your 'Billing Address' and 'Payment Details' before clicking the 'Support' button.

We also have an option to donate by Indian Nationals in rupees via UPI/bank transfer. Please email  for the details.

Thank you very much for your kind generosity – we rejoice in any level of giving you’re able to offer!


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