As an NGO, we are 100% reliant on the kind donations offered by our friends & supp​orters. We created this wish list with items that will help us continue to offer the Dharma in the holy land of Bodhgaya where the Buddha himself attained enlightenment. 

Your generously donated items will be used for:

  1. Maintaining & ​updating our sacred holy objects, beautiful facilities and grounds.
  2. Equipping our staff & volunt​eers with tools which enable them to keep things running smoothly for our precious teachers, Sangha and guests.
  3. Caring for our liberated animals who live with us.

If you would like to sponsor any of the below items, please reach out to our generosity officer via 

To learn how you can donate specific wish list items to our respective social projects, please visit our social services page

Thank you very much for your kindness! 

Needed immediately

Current needs

Office items:
  • (2) laptops (preferably w/Microsoft Office pre-installed)
  • (2) office chairs
  • (2) air conditioners
  • (1) basic cell phone for volunteers 


Sangha sponsorship (monthly or yearly):
  • Lunch for resident sangha
  • Discounted accommodation for sangha
  • Sangha offerings during the 4 holy days

Puja offerings (monthly or yearly)

FPMT Basic Programme sponsorship (monthly or yearly):
  • Stipends for Resident Geshe, Translator, Tutor & BP Coordinator
  • Discounted food and accommodation for students
Animal Liberation sponsorship (monthly or yearly):
  • Feeding, housing and regular vaccination of goats, dogs, cows, bulls and hens.